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BELOW THE BOTTOM  RUNG                                 41
transferring populations, building n,ew villages.  But we can do it,
if only we are allowed.5
- 'We are as staunchly nationalist as-any• of the Congress. But
we do not want the British to .quit India till our rights., are safe-
guarded. If they do, our fate will be more terrible than the fate
of any of the Oppressed peoples of Europe/
Can any sane man doubt to whom we ought to give our sup-
port ? To Gandhi, the caste Hindu, who would fast, unto death
rather than grant these 60 million outcasts the right of uniting
into-an independent organization• which might challenge him.,?
Or to Ambedkar, who has himself risen from the depths, and fought
Ms way through a ceaseless barrage of insult and superstition,, to
emerge triumphant as/the champion, of his people ?
It is not always, in British history, that the path of honour is
identical with the path of self-interest, but that is the situation, in
India to-day. There is only one path that we should tread, for our
own sakes, and for the sake of the underdog. Let us hope that we
tread it.